Easy drone operations management

4 min read Nov 10th 2023

Manage and plan your drone operations across your entire organisation in a single platform.

What is a drone operations management platform?

We're talking about a tool - typically web-based (SaaS) - which provides a single application to manage all of the data, planning and reporting related to your drone flight operations. The more comprehensive applications, like Dronedesk, will include a broad range of features that help you to manage every aspect of your drone business:

  • Manage your team details, their certifications and flight currency
  • Manage client records and create quotes and invoices
  • Manage asset and maintenance records for drones and batteries
  • Plan flights safely with air and ground hazard intelligence including NOTAMs
  • Ensure compliance with customisable checklists
  • Minimise risk with configurable risl assessments
  • Get access to detailed hourly weather forecasts
  • Track and report pilot, drone and battery flight logs
  • Keep auditable records of flight planning activity and risk assessments

Who should be using a drone operations management platform?

Well anyone who is serious about running a professional drone business; from the "solopreneur" right through to large enterprise organisations.

If you're operating in accordance with the regulations for your region, then you should be keeping relevant and well organised records which detail your operations.

Many drone operations have established efficient documentation processing and storage routines which they've used for years. They're comfortable with their approach and using spreadsheets and word documents because it works for them. But, would their records stand up to detailed scrutiny by an Aviation Authority?

A SaaS solution like Dronedesk takes all the complexity out of record keeping. Having every asset, every team member and every flight plan recorded and stored in a single drone operations management platform accessible from anywhere and by anyone (with permissions) at any time make aduting a breeze.

What about drone operations safety and compliance?

Two critical elements of any professional drone operation are safety and compliance. Ensuring you have all the information you need to complete a comprehensive risk assessment before any flight can be a real struggle. But a SaaS solution like Dronedesk really helps with this by pulling in all the data you need - with virtually no effort required on your part. For example, quality drone operations management platforms should, as a minimum, include:

  • Weather forecast data for your planned flight location
  • Relevant Notice to Airman data - or NOTAMS
  • Airspace user location and contact information for your flight area
  • Airspace classification information
  • Air and ground hazard information

And all those data items, as they are in Dronedesk, should be incorporated into the application's planning workflow so that they're readlily accessible and simple to interpret and use.

Comprehensive data and intuitiuve interface make your risk assessment much simpler to complete and, by association, your flights much safer and more compliant.

Managing pilots and equipment

As well as the drone flight planning aspects of your operations, you need a process and system to help you manage you pilot and asset records.

Even if you're a one-person-band, it's likely you'll have more than one drone and multiple batteries and other assets in your kit bag. And, if you're a growing drone business, you'll perhaps have more than one pilot in your operation.

The task of keeping track of people and assets, along with their flight records, could require a whole system of its own. But a good drone operations management platform will halp simplify that task massively for you.

Dronedesk, for example, enables you to record all your pilots, ground staff and back-office staff in one place. They all have permission-controlled access to your organisation's data in one platform. The software keeps track of flight hours, certifications and insurance and flags anything that needs attention.

Similarly, Dronedesk enables you to record and track all your drone, battery and other equipment assets using QR codes. You can record their location, check items in and out and set maintenance schedules by flight minutes or time period.

Bring your drone operations management into the 21st century

The drone industry is a hugely exciting, innovative and technological business to be involved in. As such, there's an expectation from clients, colleagues and prospective employees, that your business will be progressive and forward-looking.

Part of that expectation will be that the processes and systems you use to manage your drone operations will be at the cutting edge of current technology. Spreadsheets, Word documents and Google forms just do not cut it today. An online all-in-one drone operations plaform will dramatically reduce your admin burden, massively increase your efficiency and help take your business to the next level.

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