Our latest customer satisfaction survey results have blown us away. Find out more about why our customers are so willing to promote us

4 min read Nov 18th 2023

Why we run customer satisfaction surveys

I've spoken many times about how grateful I am to the drone operator community. The incredible encouragement, support and detailed feedback they provided, when Dronedesk was little more than a good idea, has been instrumental in helping us build the system into what it is today.

But the drone world moves fast and we need to keep up or get left behind. For that reason, it's critically important that we regularly ask our users for feedback so that, if we're inadvertantly lagging behind or heading off course, they can steer us back on track, keep us honest and focused on the right path.

We try to keep it simple and ask just nine questions:

  1. How would you rate your overall satisfaction with Dronedesk (1-5)
  2. How user-friendly is the Dronedesk user interface? (1-5)
  3. How reliable is Dronedesk? (1-5)
  4. How would you rate Dronedesk customer support? (1-5)
  5. How likely is it you'd recommend Dronedesk to someone like you? (1-10)
  6. How long would it take you, on average, to plan a drone job using your previous tools and processes? i.e. before you started using Dronedesk (minutes)
  7. How long does it take you, on average, to plan a drone job using Dronedesk? i.e. since you switched to Dronedesk (minutes)
  8. What's the main benefit of Dronedesk for you? (free text)
  9. What can we do to improve Dronedesk? (free text)

These enable us to get a great handle on UI, UX, platform performance, support performance, workflow performance (cycle time), customer satisfaction and whether there any underlying themes in terms of new features.

The results

For the questions 1 to 4 we report the percentage of positive responses, i.e. 4 or 5. For the NPS, question 5, it's the percentage Promoters (9 or 10) minus the percentage Detractors (1-6). For cycle time, we simply take the average of question 7 as a percentage of average of question 6. We manually analyze verbatim responses to questions 8 and 9, responding personally to anyone who is asking for a feature which already exist or asking for clarity if we're uncertain about a response.

  1. Overall satisfaction = 97%
  2. User-friendliness = 97%
  3. Reliability = 89%
  4. Customer support = 97%
  5. NPS = 80
  6. 78 mins
  7. 27 mins - a reduction of 65%
  8. Benefits themes: time saving, quality of data, having everything in one place
  9. Improvement themes: workflow simplification, site speed, and maintenance recording

By any measure, this is a remarkable set of results and one we're incredibly proud of.

Achieving a NPS Score of 80

In the competitive world of SaaS applications, customer satisfaction is paramount to success. I'm thrilled that we achieved an outstanding Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80, placing us well above the industry average for SaaS applications in the drone space. This remarkable achievement is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing our customers with an exceptional user experience and unmatched support.

The NPS score, a widely recognized metric for measuring customer loyalty and enthusiasm, is calculated by asking customers how likely they are to recommend a product or service to others. Dronedesk's score of 80 indicates that a staggering 80% of its customers are not only satisfied with the platform but are actively recommending it to their peers. The average NPS score for SaaS applications in the drone industry typically falls between 40 and 60, making Dronedesk's score of 80 truly remarkable. This level of advocacy is a resounding endorsement of Dronedesk's value proposition and commitment to excellence.

What's the secret sauce?

It's really simple; we listen to customers, we act on feedback (especially negative feedback), and we are responsive. We offer every single new user a 1-to-1 onboarding session and willingly jump on a call at almost any time to guide them through any issues.

That's it.

Oh and on a personal level, I am always always genuinely interested in finding out more about our users, their challenges and their opportunities. You never know where and when Dronedesk might be able to help solve a probem, smooth a process or banish a pinch-point.

You can see our full set of customer satisfaction results here and read reviews from over 300 of our satisfies customer here.

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